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Gravity® Projector Optic (GPO™) LED Technology

KC’s Gravity® Projector Optic (GPO™) is a patented optical technology that combines a projector lens with our patented Gravity Reflective Diode (GRD™) technology to create superior light output and extremely sharp and accurate beam shape. GRD technology aims LEDs at the most effective angle into our optical reflectors and projects them forward. GPO further intensifies the beam and also allows for sharp beam angles and cut offs.

Utilizing this proprietary projector lens technology along with a GRD LED core, KC engineers were able to deliver a more controlled beam pattern while setting new industry standards in light shape, clarity and output.

Check out our Gravity LED 7" Pro Headlights which feature the GPO and GRD LED technologies!

Gravity® GPO Technology Deep Dive:

For more information on our family of Gravity® LED lights and light bars click here: Gravity® LEDs


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