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Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD™) LED Technology

Gravity® Reflective Diode is an LED technology designed and developed by KC HiLiTES to exponentially improve power efficiency and light output limitations that LEDs face in performance lighting.

Our patented Gravity® GRD system produces industry leading light output at much less wattage.  We effectively aim each of the LEDs directly back at a precision engineered optical reflector to utilize virtually all of the light emitted from the LEDs.  KC’s precision-machined reflectors are designed in tandem with GRD LED cores to achieve performance output and beam patterns.

As a result, Gravity® LEDs can be designed for offroad performance as well as comply with street legal standards like SAE and ECE regulations. 

Gravity® GRD LED Technology Deep Dive:

For more information on our family of Gravity® LED lights and light bars click here: Gravity® LEDs


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