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Pro6 LED Light Bar Cover Sticker Template

PRO6 LED Light Bar covers come standard as a black opaque cover with yellow KC logos.  If you wanted to print your own stickers so you can color match the KC logos to your specific needs here is the template to allow you to do that.  Many of our customers have printed their own stickers and just stuck them over the default KC letter.  KC does not currently offer colored covers outside of the basic black cover with yellow KC. Please note, this is a 5" round template for the covers. You will need to print the stickers with a black background and KC in the color of your choosing. Printing a die-cut KC will not fit correctly using this template. 

Sticker Template File: 

KC Sticker Template Download

Pro6 LED Light Bar RED Cover Sticker Examples:

pro6_redcovers1.jpg    pro6_redcovers2.jpg 

PRO6 LED Light Bar WHITE Cover Sticker Examples:

pro6_coverswhite1.jpg    pro6_coverswhite2.jpg             

PRO6 LED Light Bar GREEN Cover Sticker Examples:

pro6_covergreen1.jpg    pro6_covergreen2.jpg



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