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KC HILITES RGB Rock Light Kit APP links



  • Phillip Kaspar

    The app is no longer available on the Apple App Store. Do I now have a $300 junk set of lights?

  • Dave Bishop

    Would have been good to have this full link written in the paper instructions for the KC RGB LED Rock Light Kit.  Instructions in the kit make you search for the mobile app "KC LED RGB" which does not come up in the Apple App store but substitutes some pay App link for a global Bluetooth TV remote. Better to have the full app link printed in the instructions. You have to type in this full address for this link in order to get the app to show on an Apple phone. You cant search on it or KC in the apple apps store. 

  • Gage Schlice

    I agree with Phillip, I can’t download the app to control these lights. They turn on and are purple. I can’t do anything to change them. Please respond or update the app to be available. If the app isn’t coming back, please get us a replacement or buy these lights back, false advertising since the website still says the app is available for IOS.


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