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Jeep LED Headlight Connection Troubleshooting

Replacing your stock OEM Jeep headlights are almost a must nowadays with great LED and Halogen Jeep headlight replacements available from KC HiLiTES. Although our jeep replacement headlights are designed and engineered to work plug-and-play with your Jeep there are a few exceptions that we have come across and this article goes into detail about some of the variables that could cause a loose/bad connection and how to solve it. We are updating this article constantly as we find new details and solutions so our customers can stay up-to-date on all jeep headlight issues that may occur with their vehicle setup.

OEM Jeep (Mopar/Chrysler) H13 plug breaks, cracks and/or loses its original crisp connection
We are seeing this as a very common issue based on real customer cases we have studied. It is pretty wide-spread and can also be found with a basic google search online. If your OEM H13 plug is broken, worn or looks like it could be loose when connected. The only solution to this issue is to completely replace the OEM H13 connector with a brand new one which can become expensive if purchased directly from your Jeep/Chrysler dealership but we heard through the grapevine that other online retailers sell the authentic Mopar part for much cheaper. Please use caution when handling the OEM H13 connector and installing replacement headlights on your Jeep JK. If you confirm that this is the problem you are having please contact our KC Technical Support by emailing support and we will do our best to help you resolve this issue.


Check out our Jeep JK OEM Connector video here:

Other factors that can contribute to your Jeep headlights possibly losing connection
Dirty connectors and terminals:
- The engine bay and front of the vehicle can collect grit, dirt and oil which can cause build up in and around the connection points between the replacement headlights, harnesses and OEM connectors. When the terminals get dirty there is more resistance that can lead to arcing and burning of the contacts and terminals.


Loose/damaged connector or connections:
- Just as a precaution double-check that all connectors and connections are fully locked together and 100% connected. We know most of you are gear heads but we have had a few cases where some of the connectors just were not securely fastened.
- There is a possibility that a wire is pinched or frayed so it is always best practice to follow and feel your wires and harness for any weak areas.

Final Check:

- If the connectors are clean and nothing is broken but you are still seeing flickering or intermittent on and off with your headlights, try swap the passenger and driver sides to see if the issue follows the light. If you confirm that this is the problem you are having please contact our KC Technical Support by emailing support and we will do our best to help you resolve this issue.

There are some great online forum discussions on Jeep headlight connection and flickering issues for reference:

Replacement parts for OEM H13 Connector:
- MOPAR H13 Rebuild Kit Part #68064997-AA can be found online for about $30.00USD or purchased through a dealership for $50-$100USD depending on your dealer

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