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Old School Cool 6x9 Rectangular Lights



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    Alonso Parra

    Hello Dave!

    It's been a long time since we offered the 6x9 squared look, it's definitely considered Retro now. I've always liked the idea of a modernized retro look. I'll suggest this to our engineering team and see what they think. 

    Are you picturing this more as a lightbar or single lights? I can picture a new Bronco wtih 4 6x9s across the top and 2 up on the bumper. 

  • Alonso Parra

    Dave, thanks for sharing! These arrived directly to my inbox so I'm sharing them for you. I'm digging this Open Air look, I bet its great in that nice weather


  • Dave Lockwood

    Thanks for posting Alonso!  I was picturing an actual light bar with the lights on it as a kit.  You could also offer them individually but kits for vehicles would be great!  Even if you did 5x7's that would be a cool offering but the old school with new technology big 6x9's would be a hot seller IMO.  

    Thanks for the reply!  Keep me posted!

  • Zachary Kern

    Need the CHROME 6x9s to make a come back too 


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