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KC HiLiTES Yellow Vinyl Smiley face covers: comeback?



  • Official comment
    Alonso Parra

    Hello Troy! This summer we're bringing back 3 different styles of previously discontinued vinyl covers. 2 styles will be round and available in 6" and 8". 1 style will be 5x7 for some of our older rectangle lights. 


    I will inform our engineering team about your request for 5" covers. We currently only have the Black/White 5400 vinyl cover available in 5", so some variety would be great. Thanks for the suggestion! 

  • Troy Perry

    Please brink back the vinyl covers in both 5 inch and 6 inch. Lots and lots of people still have these on show and off road cars. And the only ones that benefit from not having them is the ones on ebay selling old stock for hundreds of dollars. Thank you for the support. 


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