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Re-run of the old school KC Hilites 46 / LE / 772




  • Official comment

    Hi,  Thanks for making the request.  It's funny that you mention this because our CEO was just talking about what a great light this was for the price.

    Thank you for your contribution, get others to on this product and maybe we will consider running a limited edition!

  • Bryan Simms

  • Drew Smith

    Yeah, they're going for huge money on ebay because of the rarity. Bring these back at a reasonable price and I'll buy some even though I have all I need.

  • Matt Scheltema

    I'd love an email notification to get these if they do have a limited release!

  • Nicholas Kulesa

    Yes please bring these back.  I 2nd the notification email if they become available.

  • James McCluskey

    Would Love to see these back.

  • Boyd GRAHAM

    I need a new set of these lights! KC please bring  some back and email me for a notification/ Thank you Alan for your interest.>>Todd

  • Kyle Blizzard

    I would love for these to be made again as well. I've got an old set, but one of the amber lenses is cracked, and I'd love to at least be able to buy a new lens!

  • Baylor Rae\'

    I'm also interested in a couple of these in amber. Please add me to an email list if you have started one. Thanks

  • Thomas Reed

    KC, I (as well as many others) am very interested in bringing back these lights. The original poster is correct in that there is a certain Jeep/Ford community (one that I am part of) that is constantly on the lookout for these lights. Finding these older lights is incredibly tasking and people have little to no luck and have to resort to finding a suitable (inferior) substitute that looks similar. A limited run would be nice. I have little to no doubt there are members of the community who would buy multiple sets just to have on hand in case of future need on another vehicle or to sell to a member down the road years from now who might miss out on this possible limited run. Depending on price I may very well get two maybe three sets. If this limited run happens, please e-mail me information. Thank you.

  • Brandon Ragan

    There is not just a Jeep community but also an Explorer community that would be interested in purchasing at least one but in many cases more sets of these lights. Since posting the link to this discussion in a private Facebook group my notifications have been exploding for support in this run.

  • SoCal Steve

    I'd take a handful

  • Barrett James

    I have a '93 YJ and would love a set of the 46 series in Amber. I have a couple friends that would definitely be interested as well. Please send me a notification if/when this goes forward. You'd make a lot of classic KC Fans very happy if you did a small run of these guys. Let me know ;)
    Much appreciated!

  • B Bekendam

    When running a new batch, I would love 2 pair of the 46 series in Amber for my 91 Wrangler!

  • Chris Payne

    I own a 93 Jeep Sahara as well and my brother owns a 92 Explorer, and for the projects we our involved with require these particular lights in Amber and Clear. These lights are EXTREMELY hard to find! But neccesary for our builds. You guys would not be making a mistake at all by making a new run of these because our specific community would all buy them and it wouldn't be just one pair we would buy a lot.

  • Jørn Håkon Christoffersen

    I live in Norway and I dont even have a car to put the lights on for the moment and i like to get a set of 3.

  • B F

    Would love a set or two of 770 (clears)! Please do a run!

  • Julien Courret

    Hello from France, I would love one pair of the 46 series in Amber for my 92 Wrangler ! And here I have friends interested too.

  • Jeff Chabotte

    Yep, definitely a want! Please remake the 46 series in amber! 

  • Tom Morrisin

    I'll buy 5 pair when they are released. I have a few Jeeps and I'll put the amber variety on each. I'm begging you, please remake these.

  • SOCL

    I'd buy two pair right off the bat.

  • Dan Hinson

    I too would purchase a couple of sets of these lights (amber lens) for my '95 Jeep Wrangler. Please bring these lights back, even if for a limited run!

  • Nicholas Pasznik

    Yeah, that would be awesome! Please do this KC!

  • Nathan Gaslowitz

    Hello I too would like to be apart of this run! I'd purchase two sets of the Clear Lens (770) versions for my future JP explorer! Please do email me any official updates on this run!

  • Nicholas Kahl

    +1 for an Amber set for my 95 YJ

  • Kyle GT

    +1 I would buy an amber lens set right now for my future JP jeep build. Please email us when you decide to run them so we can purchase right away!

  • Darren LeBeau

    I would also like to see these return and would love an email to let me know as well. Thanks

  • nic cornett

    I would gladly buy a set of these for my Jeep. Please bring it back. Thanks!

  • Ari Bayzid

    I could name off a good 200 people who would be happy to get a hold of at least a pair of remade KC HiLite 46 / LE / 772s, but I'll spare you the mile long post that would be!

    I am confident that revitalizing this line of product would have positive results and that a large number of Jeep, Explorer, Off-road, and especially Jurassic Park enthusiasts would hop on board.

    Both Amber and Clear options would be utilized!

  • John N Herman

    I know I and a few others would buy a few of these


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