Gravity LED G34 Foglights

I have installed these fog lights on my 2005 Honda Accord and have been getting very annoying static on my AM and FM radio. The lights were installed properly and I am very familiar with auxiliary lighting packages from my past vehicles. When in my garage, even my Yamaha receiver has unbearable static even with the car off and fog lights illuminated. I have tried numerous chokes and filters, but with no success. I believe the problem might be a dirty power line issue between the LED light and the wiring cable to the battery.

My conversations with KC Hilights technical support have been somewhat futile.

I am also running a pair of GTR Lighting 3rd Generation LED headlight bulbs with no problems at all. 

Does anyone have any suggestions to correct this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Rikio Kibota

Hello John,

Thank you for contacting KC. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused you. In a lot of cases after market lights are known to cause electromagnetic interference. We design our lights to block and reduce this but depending on a variety of situations including vehicle type and geographical location, some EMI may cause interference like you are experiencing. We have some easy to clamp on EMI chokes that will help fix this issue. If you can email your address to support@kchilites.com we can go ahead and send you a pair of chokes to see if this fixes the problem. 

Thank you.

John Spohn

I replaced the wiring harness with a replacement from KC Hilites (thanks!) and also installed a choke at each light and at the battery for the fog light main harness. The EMI interference with my radio is still very bad and renders it unusable if the fog lights are on.

I believe that either one or both LED fog lights might be defective and causing this interference. I am hoping that KC Hilites understands this issue and can help me with replacement lights.



We have re-opened your ticket in our support system so that we can bring your issue to resolution.


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