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  • Official comment

    Jeff, Thanks for your interest in KC's Gravity LED lighting products.  You have some great questions and it shows that you've done your research.

    KC's street legal LED lights have beam patterns that meet SAE and ECE (European) standards for on road use. These specifications specifically are SAE J581 & ECE-R112 for Driving and SAE J583 & ECE-R19 (Fog).  What this means is that both the beam shape (height, width and/or cut offs) as well as beam brightness (usually reduced) are safe for onroad use at all times.  Our lights would not need to be dimmed or turned off and can be on at all times and wouldn't create an impact to on coming vehicles.

    The Fog beam is an extremely wide pattern with a very distinct and sharp beam cut off.  They are meant to be used below your OEM headlights so the Fog light beam fills in quite a bit of light where the OEM light starts cutting off near the bottom.

    The Driving beam closely resembles a larger rectangle where you get a balance between distance and peripheral (left and right) visibility without impacting oncoming traffic.

    Either one would work and provide you with much more visibility, generally speaking but it depends on where you want to mount them (bumper fog light holes vs. bumper mounting tabs).  Fogs are typically very low to the ground (in OEM fog mounting holes) but can be mounted up to about 1-2 feet from the ground.  Driving lights can also be mounted low to the ground but would have the most utility about 2-3 feet from the ground (with many using Driving lights by the driver/passenger mirrors, aka pillar lights).

    Keep in mind that even though our lights meet SAE standards for on-road use, any SAE compliant light that is mounted above the headlights, technically, would not be street legal.

    We will follow up here with some pictures of a Fog and Driving beam to give you an idea of what they look like at night.


  • Rikio Kibota


    Below are a couple examples of the G34 Driving lights that Alan mentioned. Once we get images of the G34 Fogs we will update again with more images. 


  • Jeff Drummond

    Thanks!! That was a quick very helpful description (still tough decision)....So, if you wanted to send me a pair of each I could review and take some pictures for every ones future reference ;-)


    Appreciate your time!!   Jeff


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