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Does Condensation Affect The Performance Of My Lights?

KC has been designing and manufacturing performance lights for over 35 years.  We stand behind our products and want to create awareness behind our customer's questions about condensation, a naturally occurring condition that is not a defect and does not qualify as a warranty.  Condensation does not affect the performance of your LED, HID or Halogen light.

Condensation is the change of the physical form of water from a gas to a liquid resulting in small droplets of water on the inside of a light on the lens.  When our lights are manufactured and sealed from time to time there are small amounts of air which could contain water in a gas form that is sealed with the light.   Our lights are designed to accommodate this condition by helping this trapped moisture escape as weather and temperature changes occur.  The amount of time it takes for condensation to dissipate depends on the environmental conditions including weather and humidity. 

Some of our Halogen lights that are not designed with a seal allow natural air flow that promotes dissipation of condensation.  Further Halogen lights run much hotter which also helps evaporate the condensation in lights.  We also manufacture lights that are sealed and have a built-in breather membrane that allows flow of air in and out to dissipate condensation but does not allow water ingress (water leaking into a light). Many of our LED lights are designed as sealed lights with a breather membrane but as LEDs run much cooler it could take more time for condensation to dissipate.  In addition KC uses plastic parts that could release moisture naturally when lights are heated up.  These are all natural causes of condensation but in most cases condensation will dissipate over time.

In the rare occurrence where water ingress and leaking is occurring and you have a significant amount of water entering a light or housing, please contact our support team so we can investigate and help you with your light.


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    Justin P.

    Is it possible to add images to show what is acceptable condensation?

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