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KC Warranty and Return Process (RMA)

KC RMA Warranty Process Overview

  1. Request RMA number
  2. Wait for RMA Approval and RMA Assignment
  3. Send the product back to KC
  4. Wait for product repair or replacement

Step 1 – Request an RMA Number

An RMA number allows you to track the latest status of your return. It is important to provide us with the details of your return so we can understand all the variables and identify the root cause of the warranty claim. You must be the original purchaser and provide a copy of your original sales receipt.

To begin the warranty process and request an RMA number please click below:
Request RMA

Step 2 – Wait for RMA Approval and RMA Assignment

Our Warranty Department will review your request for warranty and make sure all the information and details of your case are complete. If your RMA is approved, you will receive an email with an RMA number that you will use to send your product back to KC.

Step 3 – Send the product back to KC

Once you receive the RMA number and approval, please follow the instructions in the RMA approval email and send the product prepaid back to KC HiLiTES, Inc.:

KC HiLiTES – Warranty Dept. RMA # [Write your RMA # Here] 2843 West Avenida De Luces Williams, Arizona 86046

For fastest processing time please include:

  • Your product including all parts for it to be functional.
  • A copy of a sales receipt, UPC or Serial number from the retail box if you have not already submitted it on the RMA form.
  • Please print a copy of your RMA Approval email and include it with the return.
  • Please include your RMA number on the outside of the shipping box.

Step 4 – Wait for Repair or Replacement

Once you have shipped your product to KC and it is checked into our facility, you will receive an email confirmation that your product has arrived at our facility. Our Warranty Department will review your case and either repair or replace your item. Once your product is shipped back, you will receive another email confirmation with a tracking number. Please note the normal processing time of an RMA is 7-10 business days.

KC’s Warranty Program, Terms & Conditions and RMA process is in place to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and level of service. We continue to evolve and update our program as we continue to learn about our customers, their needs and various environmental conditions that sometimes are outside of our control. We appreciate your time, consideration and loyalty.

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